Worship Leading Track


12 week track from April 5 to June 27.

Ages 16 and up.

Students will get hands-on training and experience in the art of leading worship. Each week they will focus and give attention to a different aspect of worship leading.

They will expand their skill in leading from an instrument, refine and polish vocal tone & techniques, sit in on equipping teaching from our Summit Sounds worship artists: Nikki Mathis, Destiny McDonald, & Erin Shulhan, and gain experience leading worship and/or band leading with a full team in services.


Three 1 hour-long instrument lessons:

Choose between leading from guitar or piano, then be partnered with one of our seasoned music teachers for a monthly private lesson in the instrument of your choice. In these lessons, your teacher will assess your musicianship and focus on the skills that need strengthening. From chording to rhythm, and all in between, they will help you develop the essential skills of leading worship from an instrument.

Three 1 hour-long vocal lessons:

Once a month, you will have a private voice lesson with our amazing vocal teacher, Joy. These sessions will help you identify and overcome your breaking points & weak spots. Her creative methods will lead you out of your comfort zone, confront those insecurities with courage, and discover your pure, authentic sound.

Three Worship Leading classes:

Each month, you will sit in on a class taught by one of our Summit Sounds worship leaders: Nikki Mathis, Erin Shulhan, and Destiny McDonald. They will give you valuable wisdom and insight in the art of leading worship, covering bases such as: how to build a good setlist, how to lead a team, the heart of worship, flowing prophetically and spontaneously, your responsibility as a worship leader, and so much more.

Three Backstage Passes:

Once a month, you’ll come to a practice and put into practice everything you’ve learned that month. You could be band leading and communicating with the team from a talkback microphone, learning how to operate Ableton, playing and/or singing, etc.… Then you’ll have the opportunity to do it for the following service in a worship environment.


  • If leading from piano, you must have a proper overhanging tripod for your piano class where your hand placement on the keys can be seen clearly.
  • You must have a strong Wi-Fi connection to ensure an effective class without any issues.
  • As your backstage pass, you will have to lead worship at least once a month and provide a video or live stream link to that service. This may be at your church, at a small group, outside with some friends, or even in your living room with your family. Whatever current government health regulations in your area allow- get creative with it! After this, you will have a follow up conversation with the worship leader that taught you the previous week. You’ll talk about how it went, things to work on, and ways you can lead more effectively.


  • This track is only for ages 16+.
  • Every applicant must send in a video of themselves singing and/or leading worship.
  • All applicants must have a reliable Pastoral Reference.
  • The deadline to apply is March 22nd.
  • You can follow and contact us for more information on both Facebook & Instagram @SummitSoundsSchoolOfTheArts


  • There is a small application fee of $10.
  • This 3 month package is made available to you for $600.
  • We also give the option of paying monthly for $200.
  • If you pay in full, we will throw in an extra Backstage Pass!
  • If you are currently a part of our Summit Edmonton Worship Community, you will receive a 10% discount on this track!